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I need it as a user has forgotten the password and its my job to reset it immediately.Hi, Please let us know the status and if any other help is required from our end.Are you sure you are trying unique passwords and not such, which have been used before for this user.

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On strange thing happens. on user automatically goes to lock on his account, we unlock it, and after some minutes it goes to lock again.DB:3.31:I Want The Password Reset Option Of My Domain Be Enabled And To Get 500 Accounts For My Domain. zc.Hi, I am getting below error when i reset the password or creating new user on DC.

If, the person is not same as the user, then expirepasword is set to false.Thank you, password reset is now available and working for my domain.As Don mentioned, if your domain is Windows Server 2008 and later, we could also configure and apply different password policies to different set of users via FGPP.Other than that, they are able to add, delete, reset password for the Domain Users.Please help me.Thanks.

First, we would like to apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry.This helps the community, keeps the forums tidy, and recognises useful contributions.In order for you to have this feature, your domain must be up and running for us to validate its content.You may now reset the password of your users in your custom domain at your discretion.Thank you for posting your concern here in Microsoft Community.

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Step4. Reset Windows Server 2008 domail password to Re123456.Would you please enable password reset for the domain have used the Resultant Set of Policy tool and GPRESULT to determine if the password settings in the Password Policy are applying and they are showing up as having been applied in both tools.DB:3.49:Reset Password User Option In Domain Live Admin Center c3.Is there a reason Domain Administrator password resets for user accounts are not enforced by our default domain password policy.Let me assist you with your concern about enabling the password reset option on your domain.

Original title:Can i please have Password reset option enabled.Please visit the link below to find communities that will offer the support you request in the right direction for domain and network security related issues-.I thought it is the other way around.Thanks and Regards, Radhakrishnan.Moved my computer account back to the IT OU, rebooted, and re-ran RSoP.With regard to your query on how to know the details of your domain, you can just sign into the account that you have used to register it in Admin Center at.We have reset the password in the Lab AD Domain and know the configuration works.

What will be impact if i uncheck the password never expires option in Domain Users.I see that you want to enable the password reset option for your domain.Management of test accounts in an Active Directory production domain - Part III.

db:: 4.06::Password hint required in password reset

I am the admin of Could you assist to enable the password reset option for my domain.

And the account seems to be unlocked automatically after around 15 minutes.If you have other issues concerning your custom domain, feel free to post back for further assistance.Reset password user option in domain live admin center for my Domain(s).

Failing that, a password reset needs to be performed which needs to be done by someone with permissions to do so.Please help me out with solution so i can provide same solution on my Domain Controller.First off, we would like to apologize for our delayed response.DB:3.53:Reset Password User Option In Domain Live Admin Center For My Domains df.After resetting domain password, User unable to pass preboot.Please note that for us to enable the option to reset the password of your domain users, we make sure that the domain is not violating any Microsoft Terms of use Agreement and that would only be possible if we review the contents of your domain websites.I do have a Domain Controller on Windows Server 2012 with domain and forest functional level 2012, and also a Additional domain controller which is also in Server 2012.DB:3.31:Enable Feature Reset User Password For My Domain - Urgent 8x.Normally we will create user account with Password Never Expires checked.

DB:3.26:Group Policy Password Policy Applies But Doesnt Take Effect 9x. Analyzed Sites at WhatIsDomain.Net

To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Domain Admins group or Enterprise Admins group in AD DS, or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority.Also, importing emails from other domain to your domain name is not available.

Group Policy Result Wizard, follow the wizard to collect a copy of the result, save the report and use Windows Live SkyDrive ( ) to upload the file and then give us the download address.DB:3.58:Reset Password User Option In Domain Live Admin Center 17.It is our policy that domain user password expires every 90 days.Question Summary Other Admin Center issues Provide your Domain name.Suggest a prompt to the user about any stored domain log ins that their machine may not be a regular member.We have linked the following out at domain level, and under Security Filtering we have Authenticated Users (have also tried to just add my username).Your default Domain Policy is the one that will get applied to enforce a password policy here.I have a fine grained password policy, it was working earlier before.Note: But ADC is working fine and i am able to reset the password and create new users.

Currently, I can add and delete user but not reset the password.For example, I log on the domain controller, as an administrator and can reset a password for a user account to be blank.DB:3.61:Reset Password User Option In Domain Live Admin Center fx.Also, make sure that your website is up and running so we can review it before enabling the said option.Before we enable the reset password of your domain, we are requesting you to provide the following information for investigation purposes.I understand that you want to know how reset password optioncan be enabled on your domain.

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Please provide us your domain nameand the nature of it so we can enable the password reset option.DB:3.37:Ad User Cannot Reset Their Password On Child Domain af.

I will be glad to assist you with enabling the password reset option for your domain on Windows Live Admin Center.I understand your desire to enable the password reset option for your domain.

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I am supporting an Active Directory Domain running on Windows Server 2008 Domain Controllers, at a 2003 Domain Functional Level.Reset password user option in domain live admin center Please set password reset in domain live admin center.I will be happy to assist you with your request to enable the password reset option for your domain.We would like to request for the domain and a link to its website.

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