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The imperfection and age of the mirrors will warm up the space.It would help all of us and be much more convenient for storing.I threw out an Aireloom mattress (also fairly new.few years) and bought this one which I now hate.We still want to but finding land we want to build on has been pretty challenging.I love the evolution of your room(s) from the first photo you posted.The problem is, when I get something in my mind, I like to move forward faster than my husband likes.

Stefanie Tracey, that is the exact image that led to my Pong purchase and what I originally said I wanted.I read up and watched multiple YouTube videos on house inspections.She is definently your priority and not anything to do with design.My right leg will probably be a toothpick when this is over and the other buff.I am much better with money than she is but I tire much quicker of things.It is probably best to ignore all negative comments because those people are insecure and project negativeity to build themselves up.No word yet but she did tell me due to the holiday and orders, I was looking at the first or second week of January.Advice for wall and trim colors, what to always do before committing and the one paint feature you should completely ignore.

Contrasts yet complements the soft composition of the other piece in a good way.Unless you want to design around your furniture, possible but not ideal.

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In my search, I grew a little concerned about mattress off gassing, so made the choice of natural latex and ordered from PlushBeds.A bedroom with this headboard could go so many different directions very easily.I ended up getting prints of both Marilyn and Audrey for my bedroom.I liked some ideas where it appeared as a beautiful fireplace but not functional.You could than mount your tv to the wall over a pretty counsel table.

Stefanie Funny story that I may have already previously told but at my last house we had a new roof installed.He is still interested so probably after the first of the year (when I am up and running again), we will look around at areas.I know I said we could try the LV console under the TV and I may be able to ask my husband to try the DR one but I think that would be tough. - The Perfect Innovative Gift Idea

Have a terrific day matter what you celebrate.:).Since she disabled her original account, that one would come up as unavailable.Once you and hubby firm up the decision to sell or stay, then decide on the window coverings.

Linda Stef I think if you want another pong in another room you should do it.I also think you like contrast, but with your walls being re-painted to a white, anything from mid-tone taupe or gray to a charcoal (or darker color) for a headboard fabric color I think will still give you that contrast next to the wall color.I did get my big planter from West Elm ( the one Zaz pictured).Imagine having your closet whipped into shape by someone else.

It has been great. and I was around on your other thread too.I just want to make sure and consider my options and will post anything I am considering.I believe you will find it very much at home with the symmetry.I have pillows and a really stiff floor one that supports me.No one in the class thought to remark that the original student was himself not only stealing, but in essence, making fun of the class and the importance of our work.A few people on my thread said Wayfair was good. they liked it, but I believe that was the headboard.I know my designer friend was already asking if I wanted to make current pieces work because I think she wants me to sell both dining sets.

I opened the product and laid out across my bed for about an hour for it to.TempurPedic Worldwide Inc. smallest measure of factors enquired quite possibly as well as additional individual exclusions.I am shocked someone would make such a comment about you. Very weird.If I love it, it can go anywhere and who knows if we will end up going anywhere.You have been so kind and handled any negativity with class Stefanie.Also, it shows a lighter bed color with lighter bedding (except for the pillows which tie into the wall color).Beverly In my opinion you have handled yourself always with grace Stefanie.

Wendy I like the tall headboards, but only in rooms with expansive ceilings.A nude in the bedroom would be nice since you like your nudes though I know your hubby might not like but it seems an appropriate place.Not enough time for fabric so I will need to call them and ask if I could order and hold for fabric samples.Ramona Stef, if you are thinking of moving, you should not buy any large pieces.Had a lot more free time for research and shopping during my couple month Houzz hiatus (Lol).So, did get to see some of these specific sofas in person.Stefanie Thanks, Dirt, you are sounding like her. LOL. All feedback is appreciated.

If you decided in the end. to stay, I would totally understand that.I can move the console we have under the TV to see how it works prior to finding another.I did think it was slightly stiff at first so I called and they sent me a complementary mattress pad which is great.Dear Erie County Veteran: Thank you for your service to our Country.Hope it works out for you because you seem excited about the possibilities.Your choice of eclectic is probably the best as, with the pace styles change, if you choose any one style, you can count on a different trend appealing more to you in just a few short years.I have nothing but appreciation for those that have helped me.On topic, I know that we are looking into possibly moving in the future but for now I still have the brackets for the old drapes vacant in the living room.How much easier that was than all the hoops I went through to try to get a reasonable scale on the other side.

No doubt a tall headboard would create a more dramatic look and a short headboard a more lean look.Stefanie Avery, funny you should say that because I was just purging some LV pics in the remodel book.Then the current game room sofa will be moved to study.I think, lol.My planter is pretty huge so I found a spinning tray to place under it to catch the water that comes out the hole in the bottom.And think of it this way.the 7-day hotel stay is sort of like a mini-vacay before you get there (and all the unpacking begins.

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