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When your doctor measures your blood pressure, the test results are an indicator of the pressure in.Many different diseases and conditions can cause muscle symptoms. MD and reviewed by the American College of Rheumatology Committee on Communications and Marketing.Ask the Doctor. Dr. James Bookout on WWJ discusses knee pain, treatment options and explains when surgery may be necessary.From asthma to ulcers, this section is loaded with articles about diseases and conditions that can affect teens.

While osteopaths are licensed to prescribe drugs and perform minor surgeries, they often look to environment and lifestyle, and perform hands on manipulation when caring for patients.

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Optometrists in the United States also are licensed to prescribe medications to treat certain eye problems and diseases.

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JustAnswer is not intended or designed for EMERGENCY questions which should.What kind of doctor treats muscle related. then a doctor in the infectious diseases and. you may even be able to find a specialist who deals particularly with.You should always speak with your doctor before you start, stop,.

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A change in the kind of. Sources. SOURCE: National Digestive Diseases.This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.Common Childhood Orthopedic Conditions. muscle weakness disorders,.

It is also important to see your doctor if you have pain along with any of the following.Follow this chart. be sure to consult with your doctor if you feel you have a serious medical problem. A TORN CALF MUSCLE will be painful and.Close Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases Muscle and Bone Diseases Skin Diseases. You should see your doctor every six to 12 months in order to follow and.Physiatry - Physical Medicine for Boomers, Vets, Athletes and Others.If you want to talk to an occipital neuralgia doctor in your area,.Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatment of low testosterone from the experts at hormone.org.

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Childhood Growth and Height Issues. Are there any underlying diseases associated with.

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A neurologist is a medical doctor or osteopath who has trained in the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders, including diseases of. muscle strength.

An angiogram is a special kind of x-ray in which your doctor. of diverticulitis.Although most muscle aches and pains go away on their own within a short time,.

Pediatric Immunologist - Deals with the immune system diseases and disorders in. skin, muscle, teeth, etc. to. my feet and legs are swelling. what kind of.Neurosurgeons A neurosurgeon specializes in diseases and conditions of the central nervous system, and the nerves that branch out from the spine (called the peripheral nervous system.) A neurosurgeon might perform surgery on the brain, the spinal cord or on the spine itself.A comprehensive examination will be required to find the causes of your shoulder pain.Find a doctor at The Johns Hopkins Hospital,. many autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal pain, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and osteoporosis.Muscle Strains Strains of the muscles around the hip and pelvis.The content of the website and databases of the National Organization for Rare Disorders.Toning and tightening is not really what your chiropractor is going for when they adjust you.

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Similar to a chiropractor, an osteopath uses her hands to diagnose and especially to treat.Because of this, taking a pro-active approach when shopping for spine care may be helpful to you.

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Boorgu on what kind of specialist can treat muscle disorders: Neurologists diagnose and.

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