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This is something that the X5 does better than any other DAP I have heard.In noisier rooms the tendency is to turn up the volume to compensate which may make the treble and bass too much for some.

Long press the CC or volume rocker, the wheel will act as a volume control.However, I would be more worried about chipping my granite counters than damaging the X5 as it is that solid.The timbre of a musical instrument is determined by the material, shape, design and conditions of its vibrations vibrator its various properties of the cavity, as well as the acoustics of the room in which the instrument sounds.

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I think if FiiO reduced the sensitivity of the scroll wheel (perhaps adding a slight delay before switching to the next option), it would be a lot less frustrating.This constant topping off could shorten the battery life if the battery has a maximum number of charge cycles which could be an issue as the battery is not user replaceable.

The result is a very realistic sounding sound stage that is even wider and closer to being there than the LCD2.2.Effortlessness: the sound is full sized with rich texturing and without any clipping or thinness.In front it is a control wheel, covered with softtach with the button in the middle and 4 buttons with a good response at the edges of the wheel -shaped X.So my perfect ten is my speaker system and I compare everything else to it.You can get lost in the sound only if you ignore all the 2D clues and stay focused on the action.

I almost said slam, but there is nothing artificial here which slam almost implies.Otherwise, I find the X5 very usable assuming the battery is not an issue.In the system settings you can manually scan your card which can also be done automatically.However, the magic happens when it is paired with the BH2 that allows the sound to become full sized and powerful.I got it a short time ago and have found it to be rather nice for my needs.I set my volume by focusing on the mids and increasing volume until the singer sounds full sized.I would also like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to read through this very lengthy review.This is extremely inconvenient for any user, especially if you plan to use these while doing anything outside in a true portable situation.A photography news and information website in the form of a weblog with multiple authors who write on a variety of photography and art-photography related issues.

The Clip replaced my Apple devices that sounded a bit shouty and congested in comparison.Heat: It does sometimes get noticeably warmer than most DAPs or smart phones when used for a while, but not uncomfortably.AKG K 701 (8-bump headband) connected to the headphone out port.Midrange: Midrange are just right there, a little bit recessed maybe, but everything in the right place.Even though the X5 sounds very good, when compared it is more aggressive, bright, and has a smaller sound stage.The lines and texture of the material are original and the overall presentation is good but it lacks a bit of friendliness on the design.When I first received it, it was already charged, and very simple plug and play.

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My unit is really well crafted, the chinese aluminium production standards this days are really high and this unit is not an exception.

The battery is 3700 mA at 3.7. Player plays a long time, and fast charging.The user interface as a whole is usable, which is acceptable, but the myriad of problems makes it a frustrating experience.Loves Rickenbackers, Gretsch Drums, Vox amps, LP12s, Quad Electrostatics and BBC speakers.This plays well with the NT6 Pro signature promoting its unique frequency extension both directions.This UI reminds me of a Sony Walkman-style (phone) kind of theme, scrolling speed is great, no lag or whatsoever.

The difference is reduced considerably when the BH2 is powered through the X5 vs. the DX50. For those that know that BH2, I always have all switches on as I feel it sounds best that way.On the other hand, pairing the large X5 with an external amplifier seems impractical for being used as a portable media player.The other place the TF10 is showing its limitations is with clarity and the associated detail.

Amarra streamers provide sixteen EQ presets tailored for popular music and your favorite headphones as well as multiple redithering options,.The X5 has an average battery life, but it takes nearly the same amount of time to fully charge it as it does to drain.But like being in a loud night club, it can become overwhelming after a while unless this is the sound you are after.Figure 8 - Showing how you should, and should not, try to open the microSD card door.

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Although my native language is English, FiiO did translate the X5 in 7 different languages (Chinese (traditional and simplified), English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Spanish), which is nice to have.Inside it was a black box with imitation of snake skin, which caused speculation about copying this approach, the company IBASSO model DX50.However, there is also conflicting advice that this could be better for a battery than letting it run dry at this site.

My thanks again to James FiiO and Joe Bloggs for the opportunity to evaluate the X5 and offer my impressions.

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Hardware wise, the scroll wheel is a bit loose and there are no control icons on the buttons.The difference is being able to take a pleasant nap while listening to spending half your listening time up on top of your chair involuntarily playing air guitar.A UI should be fairly intuitive and should not require studying a manual to memorize what a button does.I would be perfectly happy having the X5 and DN1000 with me if I ever got stranded on a deserted island (with power.I have not one bad word to say about the stage, besides a little more air would work well in the upper regions.Scrolling: There is no scroll management to get through long lists quickly so it takes forever to go to the end of a large library list.I would like to see the scroll speed up after a few seconds switching to the alphabet scroll like the iPod.

Below is the title track (yellow), the name of the artist and album name ( both white ) at the bottom of the screen.For those that prefer a traditional Head-Fi sound description.Figure 2 - A beauty shot of the X5 (credit goes to lugia862 ).So, on top of the player are all outputs: headphones- out, line out and coaxial, plus the power button and reset.On the other hand, there are a bunch of problems I have with the X5 that all add up and prevent it from being a great or excellent user experience.I will be very impressed when I hear another DAP that is significantly better and not just a different sound signature.

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